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4 Museums Made For Instagram

Instagram has changed the way we consume art. Many people are no longer content to simply gaze at a picture on a wall. They want to experience art, document it and share that moment with others.

13 hours agoBy

Best Practices For Customer Service On Social Media

There’s no denying that the growth of social media interactions between brands and consumers has been explosive, especially over the past five years or so. With 70% of Americans using social media, many consumers have hung up the phone, stopped writing emails and turned to social media to reach out with questions, compliments and, very often, complaints about their experience with a brand or business.

2 days agoBy

How influencer marketing can still make a difference today

Sonika Sharma, PR Manager at Agent42, shares her insights about how influencer marketing can be restored to its former glory, if only brands would understand the importance of engagement.

4 days agoBy

4 Simple Ways to Drive Traffic from Instagram Stories Without the 'Swipe-Up' Feature

The coveted “Swipe Up” feature on Instagram Stories. Only accessible to those with 10,000 or more followers (or a verified profile), the option enables you to add a direct link back to your website, which your Stories viewers can then access by simply swiping up on your Stories frame.

7 days agoBy

How Much Time Do People Spend on Social Media in 2019? (Infographic)

In what will come as absolutely no surprise, people are spending more time than ever staring at their smartphones in 2019. 

9 days agoBy

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